Distinguishing Between Lectures & Tutorials

Lecture vs Tutorial

The distinction between a lecture and a tutorial can be examined based on various factors, such as teaching methods and the number of students involved. University students typically participate in both lectures and tutorials, which are two types of classes designed to impart knowledge to those who are studying a particular subject. These programs offer different levels of interaction with the subject and the lecturer.

What is a Lecture?

A lecture is the primary form of teaching in a university, providing students with a general introduction to a topic. Lecturers typically use formal language and discuss only the main points of a subject, briefly covering all its aspects. The structure of a lecture usually consists of an introduction, a discussion of different theories, practical applications of those theories, and a summary. Students are expected to take notes on the main points, but not transcribe every word. Often, Power Point presentations are used during lectures and made available to students afterwards.

What is a Tutorial?

A tutorial follows a lecture to provide more in-depth knowledge on the subject discussed in the lecture. Tutorials typically have 12 to 30 students, allowing the lecturer to give more individual attention to each student. In a tutorial, students can ask questions, participate in group activities, write papers, and engage in group discussions or presentations. Tutorials are designed to enhance students’ understanding of a subject.

Key Takeaways

  • A lecture provides a general introduction to a topic, while a tutorial offers more in-depth knowledge and follows a lecture to clarify and strengthen students’ understanding of the subject.
  • Lectures can have around 200 students, whereas tutorials typically have 12 to 30 students, allowing for more individual attention and interaction between the lecturer and students.
  • Lectures are more formal than tutorials, with less opportunity for student interaction and engagement in group activities or discussions.
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