Distinguishing Between Liberal Arts Colleges & Universities

Liberal Arts College vs University

Liberal Arts Colleges and universities are two different types of educational institutions, and they differ in terms of their focus on undergraduate or graduate education, the courses they offer, the size of their campuses, and other factors. Some people argue that a liberal arts college is better for undergraduate students, while others say that having a degree with just an academic perspective is not helpful in the real world. Let’s take a closer look at what each type of institution has to offer.

What is a Liberal Arts College?

A Liberal Arts College primarily focuses on undergraduate education in science and liberal arts. It aims to provide students with a broad general knowledge and develop their intellectual capacities, placing more value on academic and personal development than on professional or technical education. Although Liberal Arts Colleges originated in Europe, they are now mostly associated with the United States.

These colleges are generally smaller than universities, meaning that students can receive more individual attention. Classes usually have fewer than 50 students, allowing professors to focus more closely on each student. Most Liberal Arts Colleges also have a residential setting, which encourages students to live together, interact with one another, and participate in cultural events on campus.

What is a University?

A university is a larger educational institution that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, with a greater focus on graduate education. Due to their size, universities are unable to provide the same level of individual attention to students as Liberal Arts Colleges. Classes often have hundreds of students, making it difficult for professors to give personalized attention to each one.

Universities do not necessarily require students to live on campus, allowing them to choose between attending classes from home or staying in a hostel. They offer courses up to the PhD level and can grant degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Some universities also award research degrees, which can be completed at affiliated colleges.

Key Takeaways

  • Liberal Arts Colleges focus on undergraduate education in science and liberal arts, while universities offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines.
  • Liberal Arts Colleges are generally smaller than universities, allowing for more individual attention to students and a residential learning environment.
  • Universities are larger than Liberal Arts Colleges and may not provide the same level of personalized attention or residential experience for students.
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