Distinguishing Between Lobbying & Advocacy

Advocacy and lobbying are both methods used by individuals, communities, and organizations to have their voices heard by those in power. Nonprofit organizations often use these techniques to show authorities the positive or negative impact of their policies on communities. Despite their similarities, there are differences between lobbying and advocacy.


In a democratic system, pressure groups, also known as advocacy groups, work to influence public opinion and lawmakers. These groups vary in size and motive, from single individuals to large organizations, and they can work to change the socio-political landscape or further their own interests. Advocacy groups may question government policies, participate in discussions, challenge political systems, or call for change. They generally aim to influence the government’s opinion, but the pressure group is no longer active when its advocates are in power. Examples of advocacy groups include professional associations, trade unions, caste affiliations, and consumer associations.


Lobbying involves attempting to influence the opinions of lawmakers by applying pressure on government officers. It is primarily done by organizations and large corporations but can also be done by pressure groups within a legislator’s constituency. Lobbying aims to change the opinions of legislators in favor of a particular law, either through direct contact or grassroots lobbying that uses public opinion to sway legislators.

Key Takeaways

  • Advocacy is a broader term, while lobbying is a type of advocacy.
  • Lobbying specifically attempts to influence the opinions of legislators or those in government, while advocacy can target a wider range of audiences.
  • Both advocacy and lobbying may have similar goals, but they employ different methods to achieve them.
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Gil Tillard
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