Distinguishing Between Maturity & Immaturity

Mature vs Immature

The difference between mature and immature is quite clear, making it easy for users to choose the appropriate word according to the context. Mature and immature are two words with different meanings and usages that cannot be interchanged. The word “mature” is used in the sense of “grown-up,” “fully grown,” or “developed,” while the word “immature” has the opposite meaning and is used in the sense of “undeveloped.” Both mature and immature are adjectives that are often used in the English language.

What does Mature mean?

The word “mature” conveys the sense of “developed,” “grown up,” or “fully grown.” For example, when describing a person as a mature individual, it means that they are developed in their thoughts or have reached an emotional or mental development. The noun form of “mature” is “maturity,” which carries the same meaning. Interestingly, the word “mature” is also used as a verb, with its adjectival form being “matured.”

What does Immature mean?

Since “immature” is the exact opposite of “mature,” it means “undeveloped” or “not fully developed.” The word “immature” is used primarily as an adjective, and unlike “mature,” it is not used as a verb.

Key Takeaways

  • The word “mature” is used in the sense of “grown-up,” “fully grown,” or “developed.”
  • The word “immature” has the opposite meaning and is used in the sense of “undeveloped.”
  • “Mature” can be used as both an adjective and a verb, while “immature” is only used as an adjective.
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