Distinguishing Between Nintendo Pokemon Black & Pokemon White

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are two versions in the fifth installment of the popular Pokemon series of games made by Nintendo. These games are known for being released in pairs with unique content in each half, and Pokemon Black and White maintain this tradition. There are several differences between the two versions, making them appealing to gamers who may want to purchase both.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique Pokemon are present in each version: Reshiram in Black and Zekrom in White
  • Game areas differ, with White having White Forest and Black having Black City
  • Tasks given to players in each version are different

In every version, there is a unique Pokemon present in each half, and Black and White are no different. Another difference lies in the play area, with Pokemon White featuring White Forest and Pokemon Black having Black City. The legendary Pokemon Zekrom is in White, while Reshiram stars in Black. Pokemon Black and White were released in Japan in September 2010 and sold 5 million copies within 5 months, proving the popularity of the game.

Although both games have the same story content, there are visible changes as the gamer starts to play. The game revolves around a Pokemon trainer who wants to become the champion of the Unova region, needing to defeat the top 4 trainers. In both Black and White, 156 Pokemon have been added, bringing the total number to 649. You need to capture all these Pokemon to become the champion in the game. It is possible to trade Pokemon between Black and White versions.

The tasks in the two versions are different, and the tasks assigned to gamers in Black are not present in White. Reshiram is a large white Pokemon resembling a dragon with blue eyes and rings around its neck. It can use the move Cross Flame and has the ability Turboblaze. Zekrom, the legendary Pokemon in White, looks similar to Reshiram but has red eyes and dark grey skin, along with a generator-like tail. It has the ability Teravolt and can use the move Cross Thunder. The White Forest, exclusive to Pokemon White, has 32 Pokemon in the forests that are not seen in Black.

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