Distinguishing Between Open Relationships & Traditional Relationships

Open Relationship vs Relationship

Relationships are a familiar concept, playing a significant role in our lives. However, open relationships have become a popular topic of discussion recently. Many individuals struggle to understand the difference between a traditional relationship and an open relationship, primarily because they cannot grasp the concept of an open relationship. This article will explain these differences by highlighting the features of an open relationship. For simplicity, “relationship” in this article will refer to marriage or a relationship between a man and a woman, rather than discussing other types of relationships.


To prevent chaos and men pursuing multiple women they are attracted to, the institution of marriage was conceived with the advent of civilization. This concept has survived and thrived in all cultures worldwide. A monogamous relationship envisions sexually exclusive relations between a man and a woman as they remain loyal to each other. This exclusivity is the most crucial feature and pillar of a monogamous relationship, contributing to marriage’s grand success globally.

Open Relationship

An open relationship occurs when a man and a woman agree to remain in a relationship but allow each other to engage in casual sexual relationships. Many people do not accept open relationships as valid relationships, arguing that when partners have no obligation to meet, it is incorrect to call it a type of relationship. Some open relationships permit partners to form emotional connections in addition to sexual relationships outside of the primary relationship.

When starting an open relationship, it is essential for both parties to know beforehand that they are free to form sexual relations outside of their primary relationship. Otherwise, discovering your partner engaged in a sexual encounter with someone else could be an emotional and mental disaster. While open relationships may seem appealing to outsiders, they often involve emotional baggage and mental stress known only to those who have participated in such arrangements.

Some couples agree to enter open relationships because they may have emotional attachment but do not find sexual gratification in their primary relationship, and they agree to allow each other to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere. This arrangement prevents guilt later in the relationship. While this can be acceptable if both individuals agree to the terms and conditions, sometimes one partner agrees to an open relationship solely to keep their partner with them at any cost. This situation can lead to jealousy, insecurity, ego, and anger, causing the relationship to deteriorate.

Key Takeaways
– A traditional relationship is based on trust, love, and loyalty, whereas an open relationship involves accepting a partner’s sexual relations with others.
– In a traditional relationship, both partners have each other as exclusive sexual partners, whereas both partners agree to have casual sexual relations with others in an open relationship.
– Traditional relationships are safer in terms of STD risks, while open relationships carry inherent dangers of STDs due to multiple sexual partners and can lead to insecurity, jealousy, anger, and ego issues.

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