Distinguishing Between Pelican & Puffin Crossings

Pelican vs Puffin Crossing

In recent years, traffic on roads in metropolitan areas and other cities has increased significantly, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross roads. To facilitate pedestrians, various road crossings are installed, and understanding these crossings is essential. Many people find it challenging to differentiate between Pelican and Puffin crossings due to their similarities. This article aims to emphasize the differences between Pelican and Puffin crossing for the readers’ benefit.

Pelican Crossing

The Pelican crossing gets its name from the pedestrian light-controlled crossing and is used by pedestrians by activating one of the light buttons on the box. However, a pedestrian must ensure that all traffic has come to a standstill before attempting to cross the road. They receive a signal in the form of a green man that lights up, indicating when they should cross. To cross the road at a Pelican crossing, the pedestrian presses the button on the box, and the traffic lights turn red, stopping traffic. However, pedestrians should only cross the road when the man on the box turns steady green and not when it is still flashing.

Puffin Crossing

The Puffin crossing is derived from pedestrian user-friendly intelligence and is a step ahead of the Pelican crossing, as it uses infrared cameras that detect pedestrians’ presence with their body heat. This intelligent crossing can increase or decrease the time the traffic light remains red, helping pedestrians not have to walk faster, as the crossing detects their body heat to maintain the red signal.

Key Takeaways

  • Puffin crossing utilizes advanced infrared cameras to detect pedestrians’ presence through their body heat, an advancement over the Pelican crossing, which lacks this feature.
  • In a Pelican crossing, the green man is on the other side of the road for pedestrians, while in a Puffin crossing, it is on the pedestrians’ side.
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