Distinguishing Between PGDM & MBA

PGDM and MBA are both courses in the field of management, between which some difference can be identified. As we all know the demand for management courses is increasing among the present day student community as a result of a boost in the growing economy of any country for that matter. Candidates feel the necessity of a specialized course in the area of management. These are two of the courses favored by students. PGDM is post graduate diploma in management whereas MBA is master of business administration. Both these courses differ in several ways. Through this article let us pay attention to these differences.

What is PGDM?

PGDM is post graduate diploma in management. The minimum educational qualification for PGDM is a pass in any degree preferably in commerce or equivalent. Candidates who have passed with science and art major can also apply for the course of PGDM. It is one year Full-time course or a two or more years of part-time course conducted by popular universities and colleges across the world. In the United States of America, there are several community colleges too that offer PGDM. PGDM programs in specialized areas such as PGD in HR management or PGD in Project management are more popular than the generalized course of study.

What is MBA?

MBA is Master of business administration. MBA is a post graduation course in business management. On successful completion of the course, the candidates will be awarded a Master’s degree certificate. Candidates who apply for MBA course should have passed Degree courses preferably in business administration or any other field of arts or science or commerce. Most universities also to the degree, request a pass in the admission test, work experience, and recommendations.
MBA is a two-year full time or a part time course; the part-time course is normally three years or more. Several popular universities and colleges across the world offer MBA course for aspirants. Some universities offer special MBA courses based on industry needs such as accelerated MBA and Executive MBA.
There is a general assumption that candidates with MBA are better qualified than candidates with PGDM when it comes to applying for jobs in the business firms or industries. This is partially because the curriculum of the MBA programs is considered more elaborate than the curriculum of PGDM programs.
It is also true that PGDM programs are less expensive in fees than the MBA programs. It is also important to note that MBA programs need a qualified pass in the admission tests whereas PGDM programs do not specify a pass in the admission tests. It is believed that the curriculum of MBA programs caters to the needs of the industry better than the PGDM programs.
It is also important to note that at present some universities have shortened the course durations of both PGDM and MBA programs and the entry requirements also not very stringent as in the earlier days.

Key Takeaways

  • PGDM is a post graduate diploma in management, while MBA is a Master of business administration.
  • PGDM programs are generally less expensive than MBA programs.
  • MBA programs typically require a pass in admission tests, while PGDM programs do not.
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