Distinguishing Between Pizza Sauce & Tomato Sauce

Millions of moms around the world make pizzas for kids at home very frequently. However, the kids reaction to using of tomato sauce as a topping or while making pizzas tells the whole story, as they love pizzas when they eat outside at Pizza Hut or any other pizza restaurant but make faces when asked to eat pizzas made at home using tomato sauce. Some prefer using no sauce and make do with seasoning while eating pizzas at home. Is there any difference between pizza sauces available in the market and tomato sauce? Let us find out.

Tomato Sauce

We are all aware of tomato sauce though there are many variants of tomato sauce as well as tomato paste and tomato puree. Tomato sauce is prepared by removing seeds and skin of the tomatoes. The juices of tomato provide just the right ingredient for sauce. In fact, if there is one food item that is considered ideal for making sauces, it is tomato. Though many use it as a condiment to prepared food, it is easily used as a part of the dish by mixing it while preparing a recipe, whether it is a vegetable based or meat base. Tomato sauces are especially liked with Italian dishes like pasta and macaroni, and there are some who love pizzas made of tomato sauce. It is rather simple and easy to make tomato sauces, and the simplest is one where tomato paste has been cooked using olive oil so that it loses it typical tomato flavor and then adding a bit of salt while it is simmering. Sometimes addition of water becomes necessary to prevent the sauce from drying up quickly.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza is one Italian dish that has become extremely popular all over the world because of its cheesy, creamy flavor that is a topping over soft, baked bread. There has been a long-standing tradition of making pizzas with sauces that are usually tomato based, though it cannot be said that all pizza sauces are made exclusively with tomatoes. For one, pizzas are more dependent upon the flavor of the toppings rather than the sauce that is used to make the pizza. There are many different kinds of pizza sauces including the ones that heavily dependent upon tomatoes. However, there are white pizza sauces, as well, such as b├ęchamel. In general, even if the pizza sauce is tomato based, it has many more additions such as herbs and spices. Commonly, tomato sauce is used, and oregano and garlic powder is added to it using a food processor to give it a special flavor.

Key Takeaways

  • Tomato sauce is made exclusively with tomato juices, removing seeds and skins of tomatoes, and later cooking the liquid in olive oil.
  • Pizza sauce is not always tomato sauce, though in general tomato sauce is used for making it. In addition to tomato sauce, it contains oregano and garlic powder.
  • While pizza sauce is reserved for pizzas only, tomato sauce can be used as a condiment or used to cook meats and many vegetables, as well.
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