Distinguishing Between Pork & Beef

Pork is the meat derived from pigs, while beef is the meat from large cattle such as cows. Both pork and beef are popular in Western countries, with many people enjoying steaks (beef) or hams (pork) on a daily basis. Restaurants across the country serve dishes made from both types of meats.

Key Takeaways

  • Pork is considered white meat, while beef is labeled as red meat.
  • Beef has a higher fat content and cholesterol levels than pork.
  • Beef is generally more expensive than pork.


Pork is perhaps the most widely consumed meat worldwide, accounting for nearly 40% of total meat consumption. The raw meat from pigs is typically referred to as pork, which is left unsalted, although some people also call salted and cured meat as pork. Pork is less expensive than beef, which is one reason for its high consumption. The most popular pork products include ham, bacon, sausages made from processed pork (e.g., salami), and hot dogs, which mostly contain pork.


Beef, the meat from large cattle, is considered a delicacy in most parts of the world. The United States, European Union, Brazil, and China are among the countries where beef is most popular. Different cuts from various body parts of the animal are used to prepare several types of dishes. Some cuts are used for steaks, roasts, and short ribs, while others are ground and used in sausages. After the outbreak of mad cow syndrome, there has been a growing demand for grass-fed beef and organic beef. Kobe beef, from a species found in Japan, is very popular in the West.

In summary, beef has a higher fat content and cholesterol levels than pork, and it is also more expensive. However, both meats are enjoyed by people worldwide and provide a variety of dining options.

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