Distinguishing Between Preschool & Nursery

Parents have various options for their children to learn in a playful and relaxed environment. Preschools and nurseries have existed for a long time, but their importance has increased due to the growing number of children being retained at the kindergarten level. Although both preschools and nurseries are educational settings designed to teach children fundamental concepts in colors, shapes, and alphabets, there are some differences between the two.

Key Takeaways

  • Preschools focus on preparing children for kindergarten through various fun activities and teaching basic concepts in math, language, and nature.
  • Nursery schools resemble daycare facilities with an educational aspect, and often have more flexible timings and a broader age range of children.
  • Both preschools and nurseries are not compulsory by law, but parents choose them to help their children learn basic concepts in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

Nursery School

Nursery schools are similar to daycare facilities in many ways. In some countries, like the US, they have strict legal requirements, including registration and maintaining high standards of quality. Nursery schools in the UK receive government grants to maintain high standards. These schools recognize the importance of personality development during children’s formative years, and provide quality education in a playful manner.

Nursery schools have no lower age limit and can accept babies as young as 6-8 weeks. They have an upper age limit of 5 years, when children need to go to formal schools. Nursery schools often have a special unit for younger babies and teaching staff for older children. They have no fixed timings and may remain open until 8 PM to accommodate parents’ schedules, offering a variety of activities for children. However, age limits and timings depend on individual institutions.


Preschools have a specific goal of providing knowledge to prepare children for kindergarten. Although there is no set curriculum, preschools help children improve their cognitive and motor abilities through fun activities, while teaching basic concepts in math, language, and nature. Preschools have specific timings and focus on helping children gain enough knowledge to enter kindergarten programs at reputable schools.

Difference between Preschool and Nursery

  • Neither preschool nor nursery schools are compulsory by law, but parents choose either option to teach their children basic concepts in math and language in a fun and stimulating environment.
  • Preschools are designed to help children learn basic concepts to qualify for admission tests at reputable schools, while nursery schools are closer to daycare settings with an educational aspect.
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