Distinguishing Between Present Simple & Present Continuous Tenses

Tense is a grammatical category that indicates when an event or situation occurred in time, such as past, present, or future. The form of a verb provides a clue to the tense of an event. The present tense, specifically the present simple and present continuous, can often confuse English language learners. This article aims to clarify the differences between the present simple and present continuous tenses, helping students better understand English grammar and tenses.

Present Simple

Present simple, also known as simple present, is a tense that reflects events that happen regularly. For example, “the sun rises every morning” or “the gentleman goes for a walk every day” indicate simple present tense. A sentence with the verb indicating simple present tense could be: “I take a shower every morning.” Present simple tense is also reflected by general events, such as “cows eat grass” and “birds fly in the sky.”

Present Continuous

Present continuous is the present tense that indicates an event is ongoing in the present. If there is an action happening right now but will stop in the future, it is described using present continuous tense. Interestingly, present continuous is also used to describe future events for which there is a definite plan. For example: “The next Olympics will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro.” If you have definite plans to throw a party, you could say, “I will be having a party at my place next week.” In this sentence, present continuous is used to indicate a future event.

Key Takeaways

  • Present simple tense indicates events that happen regularly or general events, such as habits or routines.
  • Present continuous tense is used for events happening now that will stop in the future or for definite future plans.
  • If an action is repeated sometimes, use simple present; however, if it is happening now and will stop later, use present continuous.
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