Distinguishing Between Pride & Self-Esteem

Key Difference – Pride vs Self Esteem

Pride and self-esteem are two traits that are often interconnected. Pride can be defined as the pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association. Self-esteem is confidence and satisfaction in oneself. This is the key difference between pride and self-esteem. But these two concepts are often interlinked since one will always be proud of himself and his achievements if he has high esteem.

What is Pride?

Pride is the pleasure or satisfaction which arises as a result of one’s achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates or qualities or properties that are admired by others. We feel proud when we have accomplished something great or when someone close to us has achieved success. Pride can also refer to self-respect and your desire to be respected by others. This is a very natural human feeling.

However, this emotion can be viewed both in a negative and positive way. If an individual feels so high and proud about an attainment and feels that he/she is superior to others, pride works negatively. When this happens, the particular individual may not feel like talking and hanging out with others but may prefer to be alone. When pride is taken as a positive trait, it acts as a motivating factor. If an individual is proud of his/her performances, he/she may always try to improve them. When a person truly feels proud of his/her skills and accomplishments, this invariably leads to self-confidence as well. A person can be proud of someone else’s achievements or success as well. Thus, pride can pave the way to success.

What is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem can be defined as the confidence in one’s own abilities or worth. In other words, it is the way someone sees himself or herself and how worthwhile he or she feels. It composes of one’s beliefs about oneself and attitudes towards oneself. In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe whether people like themselves or not. People with high self-esteem think that they are good at things and are worthwhile whereas people with low self-esteem think that they bad and not worthwhile. Different emotional states such as pride, shame, despair, triumph are all connected to self-esteem. It is sometimes also linked to conditions such as depression, bullying, and various disorders.

Psychologists typically consider self-esteem as a long-lasting personality trait, though short-term variations can be observed in one’s outlook. Experiences in one’s life are considered to be a major source of self-esteem; thus, one can have a high or low esteem based on what he or she has experienced in life. For example, a child growing in a background of abuse and violence may have issues with low self-esteem whereas a child brought up in a secure and loving home may have high self-esteem.

What is the difference between Pride and Self Esteem?

Pride vs Self Esteem

Pride is the pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association.
Self Esteem is the confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.

Negative Qualities

Excessive pride is considered as arrogance or vanity.
Low self-esteem can cause emotions such as despair and shame and lead to diffidence.

Self and Others

Pride can be felt about another person.
Self-esteem is how you look at yourself.

Relationship between Pride and Self Esteem

Being proud of your achievements can help you to build high self-esteem.
If you have high esteem, you’ll be proud of yourself and your achievements.

Summary – Pride vs Self Esteem

Pride and self-esteem are two traits we often associate with each other. Self-esteem is the way we see ourselves and how worthwhile we find ourselves. Pride is the pleasure and satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association. This is the difference between pride and self-esteem.

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