Distinguishing Between Primary & Secondary Sources

Secondary vs Primary Sources

When searching for information about past events in libraries, documents, and books, you may come across sources that are classified as primary and secondary sources. This article aims to explain the differences between these two types of information sources by discussing the features of both primary and secondary sources.

What is a Primary Source?

A primary source is any document or record containing original data or first-hand information. These are works created by someone who experienced the event themselves or was present at the time of the event. Examples include interviews with celebrities, diaries written by famous people, speeches given by leaders at significant events, and statements made by witnesses in courts. Original research papers by scientists, manuscripts written by authors, newspaper cuttings, furniture, clothing, structures, and artifacts recovered during excavations are also considered primary sources of information. Primary sources often provide first-hand evidence of past events.

What is a Secondary Source?

A secondary source of information is one that describes, summarizes, analyzes, or is derived from a primary source of information. Secondary sources often criticize or help in interpreting the event as described by the primary source of information. Examples of secondary sources include textbooks, movies based on historic events, written text about famous people and past events, and biographies of influential individuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Primary sources contain original data or first-hand information and are created by someone who experienced or was present at the event.
  • Secondary sources describe, summarize, analyze, or are derived from primary sources and often criticize or help in interpreting the event as described by the primary source.
  • While primary sources are considered more authentic, secondary sources provide different viewpoints and a chance to review earlier events.
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