Distinguishing Between Punk, Goth, & Scene

Key Difference – Punk vs Goth vs Scene

Punk, Goth, and Scene are terms often used to describe people and represent subcultures that have existed and peaked at different times in the western world. Many mistakenly assume these terms to be applied based on one’s hairdo and dressing style, but they are more than just dress or makeup – they are mindsets. Due to the similarities between Punk, Goth, and Scene, many people remain confused between them. This article aims to explore and clarify the differences between these three terms.

What is Punk?

Punk is the name given to the subculture that evolved in the UK during the mid-seventies. People with unusual hairdos and dressing styles are still referred to as punk, but punk is not just about the way you dress; it is a mindset. Punk was full of anger against the economic hardships in Britain during the seventies and became a symbol of teen rebellion and alienation. If you have the hairstyle of a punk just to look cool, you are not really a punk. The punk subculture was a result of the punk rock music that evolved out of rock music. Anti-establishment is the main feature of the punk subculture.

What is Goth?

Goth is both a mindset and a subculture that became prevalent in the western world during the eighties. It was different from punk, and many ascribe it to the gothic rock music that evolved during this period. Goth is many different things to people and, besides being a subgenre of rock music, goth also refers to a gloomy person who has a penchant for the black color and black dresses. However, it is difficult to classify people in this group as they belong to many diverse groups.

What is Scene?

Scene is a term that is usually applied to kids and teenage boys and girls. Scene style has all along been evolving and seen a lot of different styles influenced by different subgenres of rock music. Kids adopting scene culture are called scenesters, and they take pride in their looks and in shocking others with their unusual makeup and hairdos. Pink color hair with layers and side bangs are common among scene kids. Headbands among girls are also very common. These kids are known for their profiles on Facebook and MySpace and have a large number of friends. You can easily identify scene kids as they have side-parted hair.

What is the difference between Punk, Goth and Scene?

Definitions of Punk, Goth and Scene:

Punk: Punk is the name given to the subculture that evolved in the UK during the mid-seventies.

Goth: Goth is a mindset as well as a subculture that became prevalent in the western world during the eighties.

Scene: Scene is a term used to describe kids and is influenced by many subgenres of rock music.

Key Takeaways

  • Punk and Goth are more than just styles of dressing and hairdos; they actually represent mindsets.
  • Punk kids have unusual hairdos and dressing styles, Goth kids are known for their gloomy attitude and penchant for black color, and Scene kids are easily identifiable by their colored hair and layered, side-parted hairstyles.
  • Scene kids have unique profiles on social networking platforms, which is not seen in Goth and Punk.
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