Distinguishing Between Reflection & Introspection

Reflection and Introspection are two terms that have caused confusion in their meaning and usage. The differences between them are subtle, and the fact that there are two words for processes that relate to looking inwards indicates that they are not synonyms and should be used according to context. The difficulty is further compounded with the use of the phrase “introspective reflection.” The idea of judging oneself to avoid being judged was put forth nearly two thousand years ago, and among many ways of self-improvement, introspective reflection seems to be the least painful but very productive on the road to betterment for any individual.

Key Takeaways

  • Reflection is a way of looking and analyzing one’s own actions and behaviors, while Introspection refers to the analysis of one’s own actions, thoughts, and behavior and how it affects others.
  • Reflection is often more superficial, while introspection is deeper and more complex, helping people to rectify their mistakes and understand underlying causes of their behavior.
  • Both introspection and reflection are used by individuals, companies, teams, and governments to evaluate performance and make improvements, but introspection involves more soul-searching and self-evaluation.
Dmitri Ivanov
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