Distinguishing Between Regular Shampoo & Conditioning Shampoo

Normal Shampoo vs Conditioning Shampoo

When it comes to purchasing shampoo, many individuals do not know the difference between a normal shampoo and a conditioning shampoo and often randomly select one. Shampoos are a category of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products that are increasingly being used worldwide. Before shampoos were introduced, people used soap to clean their hair to remove oil, dust, and dirt. The evolution of hair care products began with soap, then shampoo, followed by conditioner, and finally, conditioning shampoo.

What is Normal Shampoo?

Shampoos are gentler on hair than soaps, aiming to remove oils, dandruff, and dirt to keep hair clean without removing too much sebum so that they become manageable. Since hair tends to become dry after using a normal shampoo, it became common practice to use a conditioner after shampooing. Conditioners are hair care products designed to make hair soft and manageable, allowing for easy combing and styling after washing with shampoo. This need led to the creation of conditioning shampoos that contain both normal shampoo and conditioner ingredients.

Normal shampoos come in various types, each specialized for different uses, such as dandruff, colored hair, baby, gluten-free, or wheat-free. These shampoos serve specific purposes; for example, dandruff shampoos are designed to remove dandruff, while colored hair shampoos contain gentle cleansers that do not harm or wash away the color from your hair.

What is Conditioning Shampoo?

The concept of a conditioning shampoo was appealing because it eliminated the need to wash hair twice, first with shampoo and then with conditioner. This saved time during showers, prompting companies to develop conditioning shampoos. A conditioning shampoo maintains all the features of a normal shampoo, cleaning hair by removing dust, dirt, and pollutants, while also containing conditioner ingredients that help make hair softer and more manageable than after using a regular shampoo. However, people have differing opinions about this product, and many still choose to use a conditioner after washing their hair with a normal shampoo.

What is the difference between Normal Shampoo and Conditioning Shampoo?

  • The goal of a normal shampoo is to remove dust, oil, dirt, and dandruff from hair. The goal of a conditioner is to make hair soft and manageable. A conditioning shampoo, which is a combination of a normal shampoo and conditioner, achieves both of these goals.
  • Using a normal shampoo is more time-consuming, as it requires using a conditioner afterward to make hair soft and manageable. However, a conditioning shampoo saves time as it combines the features of both a conditioner and a normal shampoo.
  • Both normal shampoo and conditioning shampoo come with different ingredient types, such as coconut oil and argan oil.
  • Normal shampoo comes in specialized versions for different uses, such as dandruff or colored hair, while conditioning shampoo primarily focuses on cleaning hair and making it manageable.
  • Normal shampoo typically has a drying effect on hair, which is why it is advised to use a conditioner afterward. However, conditioning shampoo does not have such a drying effect on hair and is, in fact, moisturizing.
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