Distinguishing Between Remember & Remind

Remember vs. Remind

In the English language, there are many pairs of verbs with similar meanings that can be confusing for non-native speakers trying to understand the nuances. One such pair is “remember” and “remind,” which have very close meanings. While “remember” means to keep information in one’s mind or memory, “remind” is a verb that helps one remember something or someone. This article will discuss the subtle difference between these two verbs.


“Remember” is the opposite of “forget,” and therefore, when you remember, you recall that person, place, or thing. In written language, “remember” is often used with words like when, where, how, why, and so on. By asking a child to remember to lock the door from inside when you leave, you are asking them to keep this action in their memory and not forget about it.

If you cannot remember where you put your bike keys, it means you have forgotten where you placed them. When someone is recalling past events, they are remembering these events from their memory. When you are with your spouse at a place where you have been together before, you might ask them to remember the old times. An adult talking about past events from their childhood is remembering the old times as they recall these memories.


When a person remembers to do their duties on time, there is no need to remind them. This sentence demonstrates that to remind is to help a person remember what is expected of them.

The verb “remind” is also used when you remember something upon seeing someone or something. For example, you might be reminded of a building in your hometown when you see a similar one in another country. You remind your child to do their school homework, but you also ask your spouse to remind you to call your ailing mother-in-law. It is the job of a secretary to remind her boss about all his daily engagements. People use alarm clocks to remind them to wake up on time daily while they set reminders in mobile phones to remember important appointments and tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Remember is to recall from memory and is the opposite of forget; remind is to help a person remember what is expected of them.
  • There is no need to remind someone when they remember to complete the assigned job on time.
  • People use reminders, such as lists or alarms, to help them remember important tasks and appointments.
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