Distinguishing Between Research & the Scientific Method

Research and Scientific Method

There is no doubt that research is conducted using scientific methods. Research is essentially the process of gathering data and information, analyzing it, and deriving results, which is the primary function of scientists. Although scientists may seem to possess deeper knowledge than the average person, it is their methodology, which is scientific and produces testable results that can be replicated, that sets them apart. Research that does not follow scientific methods is likely to fail as the authenticity of the results cannot withstand scientific scrutiny.

Scientific methods are straightforward to understand and are essentially a systematic, logical, and sequential approach to problem-solving. Research is a careful, comprehensive, and systematic study of a subject or phenomenon to learn something new or to study it from a new perspective. The scientific method is a way of conducting research. However, a person with reasonable intelligence can easily perform research using scientific methods, provided they possess sound reasoning and observational skills.

A researcher’s adherence to scientific methods adds credibility to their research and its results. Research typically consists of three main steps: identifying and defining the problem, determining research methodologies, and making observations, measurements, and conducting experiments. It is often necessary to repeat this process several times if there are doubts about the authenticity of the results. Scientific methods ensure that research replication is carried out in the same manner each time. These methods also enable readers to replicate the process themselves and arrive at the conclusions outlined at the end of any research.

Key Takeaways:
– Research and scientific methods are deeply interconnected.
– Scientific methods are the techniques used to conduct research and lend credibility to the results.
– Using scientific methods means that readers can verify the results of research themselves.

Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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