Distinguishing Between Sell & Sale

Sell vs Sale

A salesperson visits your home, presenting various FMCG products with enticing offers and discounts. You’re impressed and decide to purchase a few items. This process of the salesperson attempting to sell, and you agreeing to the terms, obtaining the products, and making a payment, is known as a sale. The salesperson has made a sale by selling a few products to you. The act of selling is a verb called “sell,” while the sale is a noun. Some people struggle to understand the difference between sell and sale. This article aims to clarify their differences by highlighting their features and usage.


Sell is a verb that describes the act of transferring the ownership of objects and products, allowing the buyer to use the products in any way they desire. Services are also sold, such as when you take your TV or DVD to a mechanic for repair, or when a lawyer sells their expertise or knowledge of the law to help you in court. Every time you visit a market or mall, people sell things to you because you have specific needs and have made up your mind about the items you want to buy. However, you might sometimes buy things you don’t need due to skilled salesmanship. There are various ways to sell a product in exchange for money, starting with bartering when there was no currency. People sold products they had or made to obtain the products they needed. With the introduction of currency, selling products earns money for the owner.


In the simplest terms, a sale is the act of selling. When a product is bought by a person who pays the vendor, a sale has been conducted. It is accurate for a car salesperson to say they sell cars and that their last sale was on the previous Monday. When you see a “For Sale” sign in front of a house or other property, you know it is available for purchase.

Some other meanings have evolved with usage and time, such as when you attend a sale for woolen clothes. In this context, a sale is assumed to be a place where customers expect products to be sold at prices lower than their MRP. Furthermore, while MRP stands for maximum retail price, there is also a sale price, which is less than the MRP.

Once the product has been handed over to the buyer and the transaction is considered complete, the sale has been concluded. Sale also refers to the number of products sold, as when an owner asks their salesperson how many sales they have made.

Key Takeaways

  • Both sale and sell signify the same act of transaction or exchange of ownership of a product or service.
  • Sell is the act of selling and is a verb, whereas sale is a noun and describes the process of selling.
  • Sale also refers to a place where customers go in anticipation of getting products at lower prices than their MRP.
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