Distinguishing Between Seminars & Tutorials

Key Difference – Seminar vs Tutorial

Seminar and tutorials are two types of gatherings where knowledge is exchanged. A seminar typically involves a conference or meeting for discussion or training, while a tutorial is a more informal and interactive class, involving a tutor and a small group of students. In some cases, the term seminar may also refer to a tutorial. The main difference between these two methods of learning lies in the number of participants. A tutorial consists of a very small group of students, while a seminar involves a larger number of participants who are interested in a specific subject.

What is a Tutorial?

A tutorial is a learning process in which a college or university tutor provides instruction to an individual or a small group of students. Tutorials are more specific, informal, and interactive than lectures, often providing practical information about a subject.

The exact function and nature of a tutorial can vary according to different education systems. In some universities, tutorials are led by a lecturer, while in others, they may be led by postgraduate or honors students, known as ‘tutors’. The number of students in a tutorial can also differ. In South African, Australian, and New Zealand universities, a tutorial may include 10–30 students, whereas UK universities typically have fewer than 10 students in tutorials. Some universities also offer one-on-one tutorials. Tutorials help students complete assigned activities, discuss and clarify problems in study topics, and develop specific skills.

What is a Seminar?

A seminar is an interactive meeting where a group of people comes together to discuss a selected topic. A seminar is always led by a seminar instructor or leader who directs the discussion along the desired path.

A seminar can serve multiple purposes. For example, a group of people might gather to discuss an academic subject to gain better knowledge and insight into it. There can also be other forms of seminars that impart skills or knowledge to participants. For instance, a seminar may cover topics such as real estate, investing, web marketing, etc., and participants will gain tips and knowledge about the subject of discussion. Seminars are also an excellent opportunity for like-minded people to meet and make contacts.

In an academic context, the term seminar may also refer to an informal class where a teacher and a small group of students discuss a topic.

What is the difference between Seminar and Tutorial?


  • Seminar: A seminar is a gathering of people who come together to discuss an educational topic.
  • Tutorial: In a tutorial, a tutor provides instruction to an individual or a small group of students.


  • Seminar: Seminars may have a large number of people.
  • Tutorial: A tutorial has a small number of students.


  • Seminar: Seminars may be organized by academic institutions or commercial organizations.
  • Tutorial: Tutorials take place in academic institutions such as universities.


  • Seminar: The topic can be related to academics, business, finance, IT, etc.
  • Tutorial: Academic-related topics are discussed.
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