Distinguishing Between Teaching & Training

Teaching vs Training

There is a difference between teaching and training, with teaching being a process in which a teacher imparts knowledge and skills to a learner through activities such as educating or instructing, while training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, and rules. Both teaching and training are related to building the competencies of an individual. Usually, teaching occurs in schools, while training occurs in workplaces. This article examines these two concepts, teaching and training.

What is Teaching?

Teaching is a process that educates a person in theoretical concepts and involves a transfer of knowledge between a teacher and a student. The teacher’s role is to facilitate learning by leading discussions, providing opportunities to ask open-ended questions, guiding processes and tasks, and enabling the active participation of learners to engage with ideas. Teachers work in schools with the primary purpose of educating children to grow into good citizens. As children today are the future leaders of society, teaching can be considered an important concept.

What is Training?

Training is a technique frequently used in organizations to build a person’s skills, knowledge, and attitudes in order to meet the accepted standards of a specific industry. Even if a person has the highest academic qualifications, they must undergo training for a specific period when joining an organization as an employee. Training can be provided as on-the-job training or off-the-job training, depending on the job position. On-the-job training refers to training offered to employees while they are performing job activities, usually given to employees with similar work experience from another workplace. Off-the-job training is provided to employees initially to develop their competencies to match job requirements, typically offered to freshers who join the organization after graduation or high school.

Key Takeaways

  • Teaching is related to theoretical concepts, while training is the practical application of knowledge.
  • Training has a more specific focus than teaching and seeks to equip the knowledgeable with tools and techniques to develop a specific skill set.
  • Teaching usually occurs in the academic world, while training is associated with the commercial world.
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