Distinguishing Between the UN Security Council & UN General Assembly

The United Nations (UN) was established in 1945 following the Second World War to replace the League of Nations, with the broader goal of preventing wars between member states through encouraging dialogue. The UN is comprised of six main organs, two of which are the General Assembly and the Security Council.

Key Takeaways

  • The General Assembly is made up of all 192 member states and is primarily responsible for creating the UN’s budget, appointing non-permanent members to the Security Council, and making recommendations to the UN about its various organs and agencies.
  • The Security Council is responsible for maintaining peace and security in the world and has the authority to initiate peacekeeping missions, impose sanctions, and even take military action against its members under extreme circumstances. It consists of five permanent members (US, UK, China, France, and Russia) and 15 non-permanent members with two-year terms.
  • While both the General Assembly and Security Council work towards the same aim of preventing wars and disputes between member states, they differ in their composition, powers, and areas of focus. The General Assembly is democratic with each member having one vote, while the Security Council’s permanent members have veto powers. Additionally, the Security Council exclusively deals with international peace and security matters, whereas the General Assembly handles all other matters.
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