Distinguishing Between Therapists & Psychologists


A therapist is a broad term encompassing various types of mental health professionals. These individuals provide counseling to clients experiencing mental challenges and aim to help them overcome their issues. Therapists may have completed a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and received training in specific areas like child, marriage, or family therapy. However, some therapists may have degrees in other fields or no formal degree in psychology. The primary role of a therapist is to help clarify confusing emotions that prevent clients from making decisions and to offer guidance and support to improve their lives.


A psychologist has studied psychology and holds a Master’s degree in the field. Psychologists can choose to focus on research, therapy, or both. They are responsible for diagnosing problems in children and adults, conducting clinical testing, and suggesting appropriate treatment methods. Besides diagnosing and treating mental disorders, psychologists provide support and guidance to help clients make decisions. Psychologists can start a private practice, offer therapy or counseling, conduct research in academic settings, or teach future psychologists. Their research often reveals insights into human behavior and informs new treatment methods.

Key Takeaways

  • A psychologist always has a Master’s degree in psychology, while a therapist can come from various backgrounds.
  • Psychologists can perform the role of a therapist, but they can also choose to conduct research and teach in academic settings.
  • Therapists provide therapy and manage mental health cases but do not typically perform testing or prescribe medication.
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