Distinguishing Between Traditional Photography & Digital Photography

Photography is the art of capturing images using cameras, with the term being derived from the Greek words phōs, meaning light, and gráphein, which means writing. There are various types of cameras, classified based on their sensors, lenses, and other factors. Understanding these classifications is essential for succeeding in the field of photography. This article discusses the differences between traditional photography and digital photography.

Key Takeaways

  • Traditional photography uses film-based cameras, which have certain drawbacks, such as the inability to reuse films and needing multiple reels to take enough photographs.
  • Digital photography uses electronic sensors, which offer various advantages, such as the ability to take virtually unlimited photographs without needing to replace the sensor and the introduction of autofocus technology.
  • While digital photography is more convenient and offers more advanced technology, it is generally more expensive than traditional photography, both in terms of the camera itself and maintenance costs.
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