Distinguishing Between Wealthy & Impoverished Individuals

Rich vs Poor

In our society, there are two distinct classes: the rich and the poor, often referred to as the haves and the have-nots. The rich make up around 20% of the population and control 80% of the resources, while the remaining 80% of the population share the remaining 20% of resources. Despite various ideologies such as communism, capitalism, and socialism, the divide between rich and poor continues to grow, making the situation for the poor even worse. However, financial status is not the only difference between the rich and the poor. This article explores the various differences between these two groups.

Who are the Rich?

Being rich can be defined as having a substantial amount of assets. In the modern world, assets mainly refer to an individual’s financial situation, but being rich can have other meanings as well. Rich is a subjective term, and a person with little money but strong morals and ethics may consider themselves richer than someone with a lot of wealth due to their moral richness.

In different societies, the concept of being rich is associated with various factors. While most societies attribute it to monetary value, some link it to elements such as the amount of land one owns or the number of cattle they have. However, in the modern sense, the rich generally have better prospects than the poor, which could be due to their education, wealth, or even sheer determination. Rich people are not typically concerned with economic downturns such as depression or recession.

Who are the Poor?

The poor can be defined as those with a lower standard of living. These individuals may have less wealth, education, and even limited access to essential resources such as clean water and housing. The poor often believe that their lack of education or knowledge keeps them in poverty. It is crucial to remember that when individuals start to feel that life is happening to them, rather than creating their own future, they are likely to lose their way and remain in poverty. This highlights the fundamental difference between these two groups of people.

Key Takeaways

  • Control of Life: Rich people believe they are in control of their lives, while the poor feel they are subject to the whims of life and that external events control their lives.
  • Money: Rich people invest in schemes to make more money and view it as a game, while the poor are often afraid of investing in the stock market, resulting in them losing money more often than not.
  • Opportunities and Obstacles: Rich people focus on opportunities and have the resources to overcome obstacles easily, while the poor tend to focus on obstacles and how to overcome them.
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