Distinguishing Between Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings

Exchanging rings during engagement and wedding ceremonies has long been a tradition with deep symbolic and physical meaning. This article sets out to clarify the differences between wedding and engagement rings and their associated meanings and purposes.

Engagement Ring

When a man proposes, he typically places a ring on the ring finger of his partner’s left hand. This is considered a betrothal gift, symbolizing the man’s intention to marry the woman in the future. Engagement rings generally have a diamond center and are made of solitaire. They are primarily worn by women as a public declaration of their relationship status. Although men usually do not wear engagement rings, there are options available for them in today’s market.

Wedding Ring

As the name suggests, wedding rings are exchanged between the groom and the bride, and worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The groom typically only wears this ring, while the woman moves her engagement ring further down to make room for the wedding ring. These rings can be purchased as a set along with the engagement ring or separately if the couple is unsure of their future marriage. The sets often include rings that are compatible with each other. Wedding rings tend to be simpler than engagement rings, with simple gold or silver bands being popular choices. In some cases, engagement periods may be lengthy and it may not make sense to purchase rings in a set for various reasons.

Key Takeaways

  • Men usually only wear wedding rings, while women wear both engagement and wedding rings.
  • Engagement rings are given by the man to his partner during the proposal and are typically more elaborate, often featuring a diamond solitaire.
  • Wedding rings are simpler, often gold or silver bands, and are designed to match the engagement ring as it sits next to it on the woman’s ring finger.
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