Distinguishing Between XD & XDM Polymer Handheld Pistols

XD and XDM are two types of handheld polymer pistols from Springfield Armory. Both pistols basically look alike and it’s difficult to tell which is which by a person not very familiar with them. So it might help if we know how these two differ from each other.

XD Polymer Pistol

XD is specified as a semi-automatic hand held gun. And like most semi-automatic guns, this uses a magazine located inside the hand grip. XD means extreme duty and has variations including compact, service, tactical, and XDM. The variation shows how the first version of XD has improved over time. Trivia: This type of gun first came out in Croatia and is a part of their military’s standard armory.

XDM Polymer Pistol

As mentioned above, XDM is one of the variations of the XD pistol. This comes in .40 S&W and 9MM caliber. Springfield Armory claims that this pistol is more precise and is better at target shooting. Its frame has better texture, thus one can have a better control with this arm as well as better grip. To add comfort, this also has an additional feature wherein you can personalize the grip size.

Key Takeaways

  • XDM is an improved version of the XD semi-automatic hand-held polymer pistol.
  • XDM has interchangeable backstraps for a more personalized grip and better control.
  • XDM is more precise, better at target shooting, and has a minimal reset trigger for improved follow-up shots.

Difference between XD and XDM handheld Polymer Pistol

Both guns are semi-automatic but differ in the sense that the XD is a broader type of hand guns. XD has been around in quite a while that many variations of this came around; XDM is one of the newer versions of XD. XD is cheaper compared to XDM. XD may be accurate, however most people say XDM is more accurate. XDM has a minimal reset trigger which users view as best for the next shots.

For people who do not have much knowledge about hand guns only needs to remember a few things to differentiate the two; XDM is a variation of XD guns. Both have some things in common, it is just that XDM has some improvements coming with it.

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