Distinguishing Big from Tall

Key Difference – Big vs Tall

Big and tall are two adjectives that are used to describe the size of things. Big refers to the overall size of something, whereas tall refers to the height of something. Big can be used with people and objects, whereas tall is specially used with people. This is the key difference between big and tall.

What Does Big Mean?

Big is used to talk about the general size of something. It can be used to describe people as well as objects. Big is the opposite of small. When someone uses the word big to describe something, it is generally assumed that the thing described has a greater height as well as width. For example, big can be used for animals like elephants, dinosaurs, etc. However, the size denoted by big is always relative. For example, we can say that an elephant is big, but when compared with a castle, an elephant is considerably smaller, and the castle will seem minute when compared with a big asteroid.
He lived in that big red house.
I made a big mistake, but it’s too late to correct it now.
Big green eyes dominated her face.
It’s a big building.
I ate a big burger.

What Does Tall Mean?

Tall is an adjective that is used to talk about vertical distance. It is usually used to describe something that is above average in height. The opposite of tall is short. The word tall is often used to talk about the height of people.
I saw a tall, black-haired man near her door.
He has grown tall.
She didn’t like tall boys.
Tall can be also used to describe objects such as trees, buildings, towers, ladder, etc.
What’s that tall tree?
This ladder is not tall enough to reach her window.
My office is in the tall building next to the supermarket.
Although the adjective high is also used to discuss vertical distance, there is a difference between high and tall based on the overall size of an object. If an object has a greater height than its width (narrow or thin), we can use the term tall.

What is the difference between Big and Tall?

Big is used to talk about the general size of something.
Tall is an adjective that is used to talk about vertical distance.
Opposite Word:
Big is the opposite of small.
Tall is the opposite of short.
Big implies a great height and a great width.
Tall implies that the height is greater than the width.
Big is used to describe people, animals, and objects.
Tall is often used to describe the size of people.
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“Big & Small Pumkins” By CharlesAPhillips63 – Own work (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Commons Wikimedia
“Nice couple (4423465597)” By RageZ – nice couple (CC BY 2.0) via Commons Wikimedia

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