Distinguishing Bigotry from Prejudice

Bigotry vs Prejudice

The primary distinction between prejudice and bigotry is that prejudice is a milder version, while bigotry represents an extreme stance. Although the terms bigotry and prejudice are often used interchangeably, they are two different words. Bigotry can be described as intolerance toward individuals or beliefs, and someone with these views is considered a bigot. In contrast, prejudice can be described as an opinion not based on reason or experience. Prejudice usually refers to a prejudgment that an individual has, which can be based on factors such as race, class, nationality, and sex. This article aims to emphasize the differences between the two words while providing a clear understanding of each term.

Key Takeaways

  • Bigotry is intolerance towards individuals or beliefs, whereas prejudice is an opinion not based on reason or experience.
  • Both bigotry and prejudice can arise in relation to factors such as sex, religion, class, race, and nationality.
  • Bigotry is a result of extreme devotion and blind faith, while prejudice is a result of mental categorization of information.

What is Bigotry?

The term bigotry refers to a state of intolerance, which can be due to factors such as religion, sex, sexual orientation, class, race, and more. A bigot is highly devoted to their beliefs and views those with opposing perspectives with intolerance and hatred. For instance, if an individual is extremely devoted to their ethnic group but despises other ethnic groups and looks at them with hatred and intolerance, that person can be considered a bigot. Bigotry creates a negative atmosphere within society, primarily because a bigot fails to empathize with people from other groups. Their blind faith and extreme devotion make them intolerant of other beliefs and groups.

What is Prejudice?

Prejudice can be defined as a negative attitude towards an individual or a group of people, which is usually not based on reason or experience. Prejudice can further be understood as a dislike or unfair behavior based on such opinions. There are several features of prejudice, including negative feelings, stereotypic beliefs, and a tendency to discriminate against others. Prejudice can be based on various factors, including sex, race, age, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, and religion, resulting in different types of prejudice such as sexism, racism, nationalism, classicism, ageism, and religious prejudice.

When prejudice occurs, it can lead to stereotyping and discrimination of people. Psychologist Gordon Allport points out that prejudice emerges in part as a result of normal human thinking. In our daily lives, people create different categories in their minds, which helps humans make sense of the world. Allport further explains that these categorizations form the basis for prejudice. People cannot avoid this process, as orderly living relies heavily on it.

Examples of prejudice include ideas such as women being weak or dependent, which are prejudgments we have within the context of sexism. Being prejudiced can affect human relationships and the manner of our interactions in society.

What is the difference between Bigotry and Prejudice?

  • Definitions: Bigotry can be defined as intolerance towards individuals or beliefs, while prejudice can be defined as an opinion that is not based on reason or experience.
  • Areas: Both prejudice and bigotry can arise in relation to sex, religion, class, race, nationality, and more.
  • Causes: Bigotry is a result of extreme devotion and blind faith, while prejudice is a result of mental categorization of information.
  • Involving Factors: Bigotry involves intolerance, while prejudice involves a negative prejudgment of an individual or a group.
  • Severity: Bigotry is much more severe than prejudice.
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