Distinguishing Black Iridium & Warm Grey Lenses

Black Iridium and Warm Grey lenses are two popular options for Oakley glasses, known for their advanced features and benefits in various lighting conditions. With multiple lens options, Iridium lens coatings help balance light transmissions and reduce glare, while Oakley polarization eliminates 99% of eye-straining glare without the haze and distortion found in other polarized sunglasses. Warm grey lenses, on the other hand, are designed for medium bright sun.

Key Takeaways

  • Black Iridium lenses have a light index of 3, allowing only 10% of light to pass through, and are ideal for extremely bright light conditions such as full sun or snow slopes.
  • Warm Grey lenses also have a light index of 3 while allowing 10% of light, making them suitable for bright light conditions, boating at dawn or dusk, and providing a soothing view of the outside world.
  • Both lens types offer advanced features and benefits, but Black Iridium lenses have a special coating that makes them superior in terms of glare reduction, whereas Warm Grey lenses do not have any special coating.
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