Distinguishing Brazilian & Hollywood Wax

Brazilian vs Hollywood Wax

In today’s world of tanning and sunbathing on the beach, it’s common for women to remove hair from the pubic area to avoid it being visible to others. When women wear small swimsuits, untrimmed pubic hair can protrude from the crotch area, which can be embarrassing and is generally considered unacceptable in most cultures. There are various waxing techniques for removing pubic hair, with Brazilian and Hollywood wax being two well-known methods. These methods are also referred to as different styles of bikini waxing, and they are priced differently at spas and beauty salons, making it essential to understand the distinctions between the two.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian Wax is a style of bikini waxing in which the waxer removes all hair from the front to the back, including the area between the buttocks. Yes, there is hair between the buttocks as well, and many women want to remove this hair. However, a “landing strip” is left above the vagina in the Brazilian waxing style, which can be oval, triangular, heart-shaped, or any other shape. This hair is trimmed down to a quarter of an inch for aesthetic purposes. Brazilian wax involves removing slightly more hair than a regular bikini wax but slightly less than a Hollywood wax.

What is Hollywood wax?

Hollywood wax is a bikini waxing style in which all hair is removed from the entire pubic area. No hair is left behind, from the front to the back, including between the buttocks. This is similar to returning to the natural state in which one is born. This style looks very sexy and appealing, allowing one to wear thongs and extremely short panties that barely cover the crotch. Hollywood wax is also known as Sphinx or full body wax because no hair is left behind, and the entire area from the pubic area to the buttocks at the back is made entirely bald.

Key Takeaways

  • Brazilian and Hollywood wax are two different styles of bikini waxing, aiming to remove any hair that might be visible below the navel and the area visible from the swimsuit.
  • Hollywood wax removes all hair from the entire pubic area and the buttocks, including in between the buttocks, leaving the entire area completely bald.
  • In Brazilian wax, a landing strip is left deliberately below the navel to tantalize the onlooker. Even this landing strip, which is shaped according to the woman’s preference, has trimmed pubic hair down to a quarter of an inch.
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