Distinguishing Censorship from Restrictions

Censorship and restriction are two aspects against freedom of expression that are exercised by force either by government or by an authority. One of the basic human rights is the freedom of expression and a true democracy realizes that there can be difference in opinions between political parties, organizations and individuals. In democratic countries, freedom of speech is respected and dissent is allowed as everyone is entitled to have his own opinion. This is how talent can be nurtured if people are allowed to have diverse opinions. Unity in diversity is a concept that democratic countries have learnt very early, and one can see that these are the countries that believe in freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty do not mean freedom to do any business or freedom of movement alone, it is incomplete unless there is freedom of expression.

Key Takeaways

  • Censorship and restriction are both against freedom of expression, but restrictions are milder in nature, while censorship is harsher.
  • Restrictions often involve moral policing, such as dress codes for women in some countries, while censorship can involve banning entire forms of media or communication.
  • Some countries, like Iran and China, have banned websites and social media platforms to prevent their populations from learning about freedom and liberty experienced in other parts of the world.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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