Distinguishing Classic Fit from Regular Fit

Key Difference – Classic Fit vs Regular Fit

Classic fit and regular fit are two similar fitting styles that differ from the slim fit style. Both these styles hang loosely around the body, without being too tight. However, classic fit allows more room than regular fit. This is the key difference between classic fit and regular fit. At the same time, it is also important to note that some clothing brands may not have both classic and regular fits as both of them are somewhat similar.

What is a Classic Fit?

Classic fit or tradition fit is easy and comfortable to wear since it’s cut generously through the waist and chest. It is also cut broader across shoulders and has side seams that are straight. But some shirt manufacturers may also taper the waist, so it is always safer to try on the shirt before buying. Many classic fit shirts have box pleats at the base of the yoke to allow more free movement. Thus, this fit maintains a clear body shape while reducing constrictions.
Classic fit may be also called natural fit or straight fit. This fit can be worn by anyone, but it is more appropriate for people who are not very slender.

What is Regular Fit?

Regular fit clothes also fit looser around the body without being baggy, unlike slim fit. But this doesn’t mean that regular fit looks sloppy or unprofessional, it is tailored to suit different body shapes and sizes. Regular fit is also less roomy than classic cut. If we order the three cuts regular, classic and slim in the order of fitness, the order would be as follows:
Slim fit, Regular fit, Classic fit
If we look measurements from two regular and classic fit shirts, the chest and waist measurement of a 15.5 Nordstrom Classic Fit shirt are 49” and 46” respectively whereas the chest and waist measurement of a regular fit shirt of the same size and brand are  47.5” and 44” respectively.
Regular fit drapes around the body snugly while leaving the right amount of room to be comfortable. They also have full, but not overly loose sleeves and wide arm holes.
Note that some brands may not have both classic and regular fit since both these fits are similar.

What is the difference between Classic Fit and Regular Fit?

Classic Fit vs Regular Fit

Classic fit is more airy than regular fit.
Regular fit is tighter than regular fit, but less tight than slim fit.


Classic fit is less tight and more comfortable than regular fit.
Regular fit is more comfortable and airy than slim fit.

Measurement Examples

The chest and waist measurement of a 15.5 Nordstrom Classic Fit shirt are 49” and 46” respectively.
The chest and waist measurement of a15.5 Nordstrom Regular Fit shirt are 47.5” and 44” respectively.


Classic fit shirts have looser sleeves.
Regular fit shirts have full but not overly loose sleeves.


Classic fit shirts are cut broader across the shoulders.
Regular fit shirts are also cut broad across the shoulders, but not as broad as classic fits.

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