Distinguishing Classical & Baroque Music Styles

Classical vs Baroque

Classical and Baroque music are distinct styles, each with unique characteristics and methods of performance. Baroque music originated after the Renaissance, around 1600, and preceded Classical music, which began around 1750 and eventually gave way to the Romantic era in the 19th century. The Baroque style is believed to have overlapped with and influenced the development of Classical music, with Classical performers eventually dominating the European music scene.

What is Baroque Music?

Baroque music is characterized by its emphasis on ornamentation, similar to the art and architecture of the Baroque period. Musicians of this genre were the first to use multiple instruments and incorporate complex harmonies into their compositions. Baroque music typically features the harpsichord and other string instruments, and follows the ABACABA rondo style. However, Baroque musicians composed their music in a single mood.

Baroque musicians had greater freedom in their compositions and focused on improvisation. This freedom allowed them to develop the opera form of the music genre. Some of the most famous Baroque composers include Vivaldi, Bach, Monteverdi, Corelli, and Handel.

What is Classical Music?

Classical music began with the invention of the sonata and is characterized by two distinct moods: lyricism and pace, with the latter being fast-paced. Classical musicians used the piano as their primary instrument and adhered to strict rules and regulations when composing music, following the ABA or ABACA rondo style.

Unlike their Baroque counterparts, Classical musicians did not have the same freedom and therefore could not focus as much on improvisation. Some of the most famous Classical composers include Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert. Haydn, in particular, was among the first composers to develop the sonata form and piano trios.

Key Takeaways

  • Baroque music originated around 1600, while Classical music began around 1750.
  • Baroque music emphasizes ornamentation and features the harpsichord, while Classical music is characterized by the sonata and the use of the piano.
  • Baroque musicians had greater freedom in their compositions and focused on improvisation, leading to the development of the opera form, while Classical musicians adhered to strict rules and regulations.
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