Distinguishing Club Soda from Seltzer

Club Soda vs Seltzer

The distinction between club soda and seltzer lies in the added ingredients. Both beverages are forms of carbonated water consumed globally, often in cold drinks or sodas. Carbon dioxide is added to water in a process called carbonation, which creates CO2 bubbles and makes the water sparkle. Club soda and seltzer are both examples of carbonated water, with club soda typically produced in factories, while seltzer is naturally effervescent water. However, this distinction is less valid nowadays as even seltzer water is often man-made.

What is Club Soda?

Club soda is water with carbon dioxide added under high pressure. It also contains some added sodium and other additives like potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate to enhance the flavor. Not all club soda contains sodium, but generally, it has a more mineral taste due to the added ingredients. Club soda is used for everyday drinking and to make cocktails.

What is Seltzer?

Seltzer is also a carbonated drink, with the name originating from the German town of Selters, famous for its water springs with naturally occurring bubbles. Seltzer water is a flavorless natural water containing CO2. Unlike club soda, seltzer water does not have any additives, giving it a very clean taste. However, some citrus flavors can be found in seltzer. Like club soda, seltzer is used for everyday drinking and to make cocktails.

Key Takeaways

  • Both club soda and seltzer are carbonated drinks, but the main difference lies in the additives.
  • Club soda contains additives like sodium, potassium bicarbonate, and potassium citrate, giving it a slightly more mineral taste, while seltzer has no additives and a cleaner taste.
  • Both beverages are used for everyday drinking and to make cocktails, and can be used interchangeably.
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