Distinguishing Complication from Complexity

Complication vs Complexity

The terms “complication” and “complexity” are often mistakenly interchanged due to confusion about their meanings and connotations. “Complication” refers to a change that is difficult to control, as seen in the following examples:

1. After the surgery, some complications developed.
2. The experts tried to set right some of the complications.

In both sentences, “complication” implies a difficult-to-control change. The first sentence means that after the surgery, some challenging changes occurred, while the second sentence means that experts attempted to correct some hard-to-control changes.

In contrast, “complexity” denotes something difficult to comprehend or understand, as illustrated in these sentences:

1. The complexity of the problem puzzled even the best of the mathematicians.
2. The complexity of the situation demanded an early finish.

Both instances use “complexity” to describe a difficulty in understanding. The first example means that the challenging nature of the problem baffled even the most skilled mathematicians, while the second example implies that the hard-to-understand situation required a prompt resolution.

Key Takeaways

  • “Complication” refers to a change that is difficult to control.
  • “Complexity” denotes something difficult to comprehend or understand.
  • Complexity can often be resolved through practice and hard work, while complications typically have fewer solutions.
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Gil Tillard
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