Distinguishing Cotton from Polycotton

Key Takeaways
– Cotton is a natural fabric made from the soft, fluffy substance around the seeds of the cotton plant and is light, soft, and breathable.
– Polycotton is a blend of cotton and polyester fibers, which is more durable and resistant to wear and tear than cotton.
– Cotton is more prone to shrinkage and wrinkles, while polycotton is more tear and wrinkle-resistant.

Key Difference – Cotton vs Polycotton

Cotton is a popular fabric choice because it is lightweight, soft, and breathable. However, other materials such as linen, rayon, and polyester are often combined with cotton to create more affordable fabrics that include the best properties of both fibers. Polycotton is one such blend, made from cotton and polyester. The main difference between cotton and polycotton lies in their durability; cotton is more susceptible to wear and tear, whereas polycotton has greater resistance and is more durable than cotton.

What is Cotton?

Cotton is a natural fabric made from the soft, fluffy substance that surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium). It is a light, soft, and breathable fabric commonly used for various garments, including shirts, t-shirts, dresses, towels, robes, and underwear. Cotton is suitable for making light and casual indoor and outdoor wear and is sometimes used for uniforms. Since cotton is made from a natural fiber, it does not cause allergies or skin irritations, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Cotton is also ideal for warmer climates, as it helps to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. However, cotton garments are more prone to shrinkage and wrinkles, especially if not maintained properly. Cotton is often blended with other materials like linen, polyester, and rayon to create stronger, wrinkle-free fabrics.

What is Polycotton?

Polycotton, as the name suggests, is a fabric that contains both cotton and polyester fibers. The ratio of polyester to cotton varies, but a typical blend ratio is 65% cotton and 35% polyester, with 50% blends also common. Polyester and cotton are combined to maximize the advantages of both fibers in a single fabric. Polyester is less prone to tearing due to its elasticity, making it more durable than cotton. As a synthetic fiber, it is also cheaper than cotton. Although cotton is more comfortable and breathable, it is more susceptible to tearing, shrinkage, and wrinkles. Polycotton combines the strengths of both cotton and polyester, offering greater breathability than polyester and better tear and wrinkle resistance than cotton. Although polycotton is not as cheap as polyester, it is more affordable than pure cotton.

What is the difference between Cotton and Polycotton?

– Cotton: Cotton contains natural fibers.
– Polycotton: Polycotton is made of both natural and synthetic fibers.

Cotton Content:
– Cotton: Cotton garments contain pure cotton.
– Polycotton: Polycotton usually contains at least 50% cotton.

– Cotton: Cotton fabrics tend to wear and tear easily.
– Polycotton: Polycotton fabrics are more wear and tear resistant than cotton.

– Cotton: Cotton fabrics are light, soft, and breathable, making them ideal for warm climates.
– Polycotton: Polycotton is not as soft or breathable as cotton.

– Cotton: Cotton should be washed in cold water and ironed at a high temperature.
– Polycotton: Polycotton should be washed in warm water and ironed at a lower temperature.

– Cotton: Pure cotton garments are expensive.
– Polycotton: Polycotton garments are less expensive than cotton but more expensive than polyester.

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