Distinguishing Cotton from Wool

Key Difference – Cotton vs Wool

Cotton and wool are both widely used natural products for clothing, but the main difference between the two is that cotton is lightweight and soft, while wool is thicker and retains heat. Wool is typically used in winter and cotton in summer, although many people wear cotton year-round. There are several differences between these two natural fabrics.

What is Cotton?

Cotton fiber comes from the fluffy part surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant, which helps to carry the seeds further distances through the wind. Humans have been using this natural fiber for clothing since ancient civilizations. Cotton is harvested in countries worldwide to obtain natural fibers, which are used to make various fabrics. Cotton combing removes the seeds from the fiber, and combed cotton is then ready for spinning. After spinning, cotton threads can be used for both knitting and weaving fabrics.

What is Wool?

Wool comes from the hair or coat of sheep. The fleece of sheep has impressive properties and can easily be converted into woolen threads used for creating woolen apparel, such as sweaters, jackets, trousers, socks, and hats, providing warmth during the winter. Wool can be both knitted and woven, offers warmth, and has excellent moisture-wicking properties, which is why it is preferred over other fabrics. Wool quickly pulls away any sweat produced, keeping a person dry. Wool can be dyed in attractive colors to create beautiful designs and patterns.

A shearer removes the entire fleece from a sheep (which regrows quickly), which is then washed to remove impurities. Different types of wool are combined to create the perfect blend for the dyeing process. Wool has elasticity, allowing it to be drawn into long fibers that are spun to make them suitable for knitting. The wool is then chemically shrunk so that the fabric does not shrink when washed. Many people are unaware that goat hair is also used to manufacture woolen clothing; goat hair is called mohair, while sheep hair is called wool.

What is the difference between Cotton and Wool?

The key differences between cotton and wool include:

– Cotton is obtained from the cotton plant, while wool is obtained from sheep.
– Clothes made from cotton fabric are worn in summer, while clothes made from wool are used in winter, as they provide warmth.
– Cotton garments can be easily washed, while woolen garments require dry-cleaning.

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