Distinguishing Creation from Creationism

Creation and creationism are two concepts related to the origin of life and human beings, often debated by proponents of opposing theories. Some people remain confused between these two beliefs and struggle to differentiate between them. This article aims to clarify the features of both concepts to help readers distinguish between them.

Creation is a theory regarding the origin of Earth and mankind, with proponents arguing that God is the only creator and that the origin of everything can be traced back to the Bible. This belief is not exclusive to Christianity, as followers of Islam and Judaism also believe that Earth and all living beings were created by God alone for the purpose of design and creation. Creation theory does not stand up to scientific scrutiny, as it is based on faith and belief. Although it cannot be proved, there is no way even scientists can deny it outright. There are no processes involved in this theory, which is characterized by the belief that everything has been as it is today since the time it came into existence.

Key Takeaways

  • Creationism is a theory of the origin of Earth that is scientific in nature and closely follows Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, while Creation theory is based on faith and belief, not scientific scrutiny.
  • Creation theory states that God is the only creator and that the origin of everything can be traced back to the Bible, while creationism believes in the relative ages of Earth, Sun, and Moon and follows the theory of evolution.
  • Creationism is full of logic and sequential happenings, able to explain the evolution of man from lower primates, while Creation theory believes man has always existed and did not evolve from monkeys.
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