Distinguishing Dari & Farsi Languages

Persian is a language spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries with Persian cultural influences. It is also known as Dari or Farsi. Dari is the name of the language spoken by the majority of Afghan people and recognized by the Afghan government as its official language. Farsi is the language of Iranians and is also referred to as the Persian language. Despite their similarities, there are differences between Dari and Farsi.

Key Takeaways

  • Dari is the official language of Afghanistan, spoken by nearly 5 million people, while Farsi is the official language of Iran.
  • Both languages use a modified form of the Arabic alphabet, but Dari has a different vowel system and some unique consonants.
  • The main difference between the spoken versions of Dari and Farsi lies in pronunciation, with Dari having less stress on accents.
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Gil Tillard
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