Distinguishing Duvets from Comforters


1. A duvet is a bag filled with down or feathers that is put inside a cover called a duvet cover. It is used for warmth and comfort during cold weather nights.
2. A comforter is a blanket made with a decorative cloth and filled with synthetic fiber or feathers. It is larger in size than a duvet and can be used as a bedspread during the day.
3. A duvet cover can be washed, but not the duvet itself. A comforter can be dry cleaned or washed.


In places with cold weather, cozying up under warm bedding is a wonderful feeling. Two common types of bedding are duvets and comforters, but they have some differences. This article will highlight the distinctions between the two.


A duvet is not a bed sheet or cover, but a bag filled with down or feathers. It is put inside a duvet cover, similar to how a pillow is put inside a pillow cover. The duvet cover can be washed, but some people use sheets over it. Duvets are used year-round in cold climates. They come in different thicknesses, with thinner ones for summer and heavier ones for winter. Duvets are typically white or off-white, and they look like small pillows filled with feathers stitched together. Interestingly, the word “duvet” translates to “down” in French.


A comforter is a blanket made with decorative fabric and filled with synthetic fibers, feathers, wool, or silk. If it has a heavy filling, it is thick and warm, while a lighter filling makes it lightweight. The comforter is stitched or quilted to secure the filling. Unlike a duvet, it is not put inside a cover but instead used as a bedspread during the day. When dirty, it must be dry-cleaned.

Differences Between Duvet and Comforter

– A comforter is larger than a duvet.
– A comforter can be used as a bedspread, while a duvet is essentially a pre-filled blanket.
– A duvet resembles a bag of small pillows filled with down or feathers and needs to be inserted into a duvet cover.
– Only the duvet cover can be washed when dirty, while a comforter can be dry cleaned or washed.
– A duvet is thicker for winter use, while a thinner duvet is used in summer in Europe.
– A comforter is stitched to hold the fillings together, while a duvet looks like a string of small pillows held together by stitching.
– Some people use duvets as bedding in the summer, but comforters are always used as blankets.
– Duvets can be considered a special type of comforter.

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