Distinguishing Ecological & Environmental Differences

Ecological vs Environmental

The distinction between ecological and environmental studies arises from their respective areas of focus. Both fields are based on the study of the environment, and have gained prominence due to the degradation of the environment through pollution and changes in ecology caused by natural forces. Although the two fields are interconnected, they are not the same, and this article will highlight the differences between them.

What is Ecological Studies?

Ecological studies involve the examination of the distribution and abundance of various living organisms and their interactions with the environment. These studies also consider the influence of the environment on organisms’ habitats and distribution. Ecological studies encompass a broad range of factors, including physical, chemical, and biological environments of various organisms. A deep analysis of biogeochemical cycles is often required, beginning with the input of energy from the sun, which serves as a source of food for plants through photosynthesis. Ecological studies necessitate close cooperation among geologists, chemists, and botanists to examine the impact and relationship between organisms and their environment. Ecologists often focus on specific groups of species, such as a certain type of bird.

What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental studies primarily focus on the interaction of humans with various aspects of the environment. They are concerned with the damage caused by human activities and how to conserve the environment. Environmental studies do not generally consider the interactions of other organisms with their environment. In this regard, environmental studies may appear narrower than ecology. However, environmental studies cover a wide range of subject areas, including the natural environment, the built environment, and the relationships between them. Environmental studies incorporate principles from various fields, including ecology, as they also examine a set of creatures (humans) and their interactions with their surroundings. Additionally, subjects such as law, politics, economics, and philosophy are associated with environmental studies.

Environmentalists are primarily concerned with pollution caused by human activities and its impact on the environment. Although they may address endangered species and efforts to increase their populations, environmentalists are more focused on measures to improve the quality of the environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Ecology is a scientific study of various living organisms, their distribution, and their relationship with the environment.
  • Environmental studies mainly focus on the interaction of humans with various aspects of the environment.
  • Ecology is broader as it studies different organisms and their interactions with the environment, while environmental studies are narrower as they only consider human interactions with nature.
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