Distinguishing Egg Rolls from Spring Rolls

Egg Roll vs Spring Roll

Many people find it difficult to differentiate between an egg roll and a spring roll due to their similar appearance and taste. Both are popular appetizers served at Chinese restaurants and feature a cylindrical shape with a crispy wrapper and filling inside. However, there are some subtle differences between the two savory breakfast items.

Egg Roll

Egg rolls have become a staple on the menu of Asian restaurants across the country. They consist of a cylindrical roll made of dough that is dipped in beaten eggs and fried to create a crunchy wrapper. The filling typically includes cabbage, minced vegetables or meats, carrots, and other ingredients, with some variations containing noodles. In India, a fried egg is placed inside a paratha (Indian bread) and referred to as an egg roll, with raw onion pieces, chilies, and sauce added for flavor. However, most egg rolls around the world feature a filling of cabbage, carrots, and vegetables or meats.

Spring Roll

A spring roll is an appetizer that can be fried or steamed and has a crispy outer layer rolled into a cylindrical shape. It can have a variety of fillings, including meats, vegetables, and noodles. The vegetable pieces or meats found in spring rolls are cooked separately and placed inside the wrapper before being steamed or served cold. Spring rolls are believed to be Chinese in origin, as the name comes from the Chinese chun juan, which literally means spring rolls. During the Spring Festival in China, spring rolls are eaten with gusto.

Key Takeaways

  • Spring roll wrappers are thin and often translucent, while egg roll wrappers are thick.
  • Spring rolls can be served hot or cold, whereas egg rolls are always served hot.
  • Egg rolls are larger in size than spring rolls and are always fried, while spring rolls can be deep-fried or steamed.
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