Distinguishing Emirates Airlines from Singapore Airlines

Emirates Airlines vs Singapore Airlines

Trying to pinpoint the differences between Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines can be difficult, as they are both top performers in their industry. Emirates Airlines is a rapidly growing international airline under the Emirates Group in the United Arab Emirates, while Singapore Airlines is Singapore’s national airline, originally established as Malayan Airways in 1947.

What is Emirates Airlines?

Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 2400 flights per week. It is part of the larger Emirates Group, which employs over 50,000 people. The airline is owned by the Dubai government, and a significant portion of its revenue comes from cargo operations carried out by Emirates SkyCargo. Emirates has a four-star ranking from Skytrax.

Emirates has a mixed fleet of aircraft, including both Boeing and Airbus models, and was the second airline in the world to operate Airbus A380s, after Singapore Airlines. In terms of both revenue and passenger kilometers, Emirates ranks within the top ten airlines worldwide. Today, the Emirates name is associated with excellent service, rapid growth, and profitability, and it is a leader in the aviation industry, known for providing a comfortable and homely experience for passengers. Emirates is possibly the only airline in the world to have become profitable within its first nine months of operation. The airline operates three of the world’s ten longest nonstop flights, including daily nonstop service between New York and Dubai on its Airbus A380. Other A380 routes include Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok, Toronto, and Seoul. Dubai International Airport is the main transit point for all long-distance Emirates flights.

What is Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is often considered one of the best airlines in the world. Its headquarters are in Singapore, with Singapore Changi Airport serving as its hub. The airline is known for being friendly, professional, and reliable, with a high on-time performance. Singapore Airlines has a strong presence in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, and it is a major carrier on routes between Europe and Oceania. It operates two of the world’s ten longest nonstop flights, with its Airbus A380-800 flying nonstop from Singapore to London, Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. According to Skytrax, Singapore Airlines is a five-star airline, which is a significant distinction.

Singapore Airlines is famous worldwide for its use of the term “Singapore Girls” to describe its stewardesses, which still features in all its advertisements and promotions. The concept is meant to showcase air hostesses as representatives of Asian hospitality. The airline’s logo, the Silver Kris, has remained unchanged since its inception. The word “Kris” is used by the airline in many of its programs, including its in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld, which offers movies, TV programs, music, and games for children.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Emirates and Singapore Airlines are considered among the best airlines in the world.
  • Emirates has a four-star rating from Skytrax, while Singapore Airlines has a five-star rating.
  • Emirates and Singapore Airlines are the only two airlines to own Airbus A380s.
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