Distinguishing EMO from Scene

Emo and scene are slang terms used to describe certain types of teenagers, particularly in relation to their appearance, behavior, and musical preferences. Emo is also a style of music that is emotional and expressive, often associated with teenagers aged 13-20. Both emo and scene kids can appear quite similar, making it difficult for older generations to distinguish between them. This article explores the differences between emo and scene teenagers.

Key Takeaways

  • Emo teenagers are often seen as emotional, expressive, and drawn to emotional music. They tend to be more introverted, focusing on their online presence and personal identity.
  • Scene teenagers are more interested in the latest fashion trends, accessories, and modern hardcore rock music. They are often more outgoing and social than emo kids and enjoy experimenting with their appearance.
  • Although there are some overlaps in their styles and interests, emo and scene kids can be distinguished by their attitudes, social tendencies, and preferences in music and fashion.


Teenagers often have a strong desire to establish a unique identity, leading them to explore different styles, behaviors, and musical interests. Emo comes from the word “emotional,” and teenagers who are categorized as emo typically listen to emotional and expressive music. They are unashamed of their emotions and may openly cry at concerts. Emo teenagers often spend more time on social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook rather than going to parties or clubs. Some adults view them as depressed teenagers. They tend to wear light-colored clothes, often featuring unknown or obscure bands. Emo kids from the 1980s were more focused on hardcore punk music and were known for their emotional nature.


Scene teenagers are more interested in hardcore rock music and staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and accessories. Scene guys often have long hair, while scene girls typically have short, brightly dyed hair. They enjoy popularizing fashion trends such as small tees, girl pants, oversized sunglasses, headbands, bandanas, and large ethnic jewelry. Scene kids often have a unique, dramatic style that incorporates various fashion trends and accessories. They are also known for their love of cars and dinosaurs, which can be seen in their social media profiles.

What is the difference between EMO and Scene?

  • Emo kids were originally focused on hardcore rock music and were known for their emotional and expressive nature. Over time, they have evolved into a group with a melodramatic attitude and a distinct fashion sense that is as important to them as their music.
  • Scene kids are young teenagers with a keen interest in modern fashion, accessories, and hardcore rock music. It can be difficult to identify differences between the two, as both wear similar clothing items, but scene kids are more likely to dye their hair in punk shades and wear large sunglasses and jewelry.
  • Emo kids are sometimes thought to have suicidal tendencies, though this is often seen as an attempt to gain attention rather than a genuine concern.
  • Scene kids are more focused on their appearance and fashion than emo kids.
  • Scene kids tend to be more social and outgoing compared to emo kids.
  • Tattoos and colored hairstyles are more common among scene kids than emo kids.
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