Distinguishing Emotional Variations Between Men & Women

Male vs Female Emotions

Males and females make up the human species, and naturally, there are visible differences between them. Physical differences, such as breasts in females and facial and body hair in males, contribute to their attraction to each other. However, emotional differences also exist, which can be seen in their thought processes and overall behavior. These differences often lead to misunderstandings as people claim that the opposite sex can never truly understand them. To gain a better understanding, let’s examine these emotional differences more closely.

Key Takeaways

  • The first reason for emotional differences between men and women is due to subtle differences in brain functioning, which affects how they process information, language, and emotions.
  • Men’s emotions tend to lead them to take action, while arousal of emotions in women tends to lead them to talk.
  • Women are generally more expressive of their emotions compared to men, who often try to keep their emotions inside.

What are Male Emotions?

To understand the differences in emotions and expression of emotions between males and females, we must first examine the differences between them that contribute to this condition. One reason for these emotional differences is the subtle variations in brain functioning. Research has shown that these differences affect how men and women process information, language, emotions, etc. These differences explain why there are more male mathematicians, mechanical engineers, pilots, and racing car drivers than females. The human brain has two hemispheres: the left hemisphere deals with logical reasoning, while the right hemisphere governs emotions and personal relations. These hemispheres are not isolated and are connected through nerve fibers to exchange information. However, our education system tends to emphasize language skills that draw from the left hemisphere, causing the right hemisphere to develop more slowly. In the case of boys, the secretion of testosterone damages some connections between the left and right brain hemispheres, making them less emotional and more rational than girls. It’s not that men lack emotions, but they handle them differently than females. They often keep their emotions inside, unlike women who prefer to discuss their emotions. In fact, men often dislike being asked to reveal their innermost thoughts. However, there can be exceptions, and this is only a generalization. The truth lies somewhere in between.

What are Female Emotions?

When it comes to brain functioning, scientists emphasize that the difference between female and male brains leads to their progression in life. We see more women in roles such as teachers, banking positions, and customer relation officers. Women are skilled with language and words, making them more suited for office positions that involve dealing with customers. Females are generally more expressive of their emotions compared to males. They prefer to express their feelings rather than keeping them inside. This could also be due to cultural practices and socialization processes. Girls are often encouraged to be emotional and expressive, while boys are restrained because they are boys. This is why when men stop communicating, women often feel that they are upset and ask them what they are thinking. This is because women tend to become quiet when they are hurt. Women often feel that men hide behind their emotions and do not reveal their true selves.

What is the Difference Between Male Emotions and Female Emotions?

Men’s emotions typically lead them to act, while arousal of emotions in women usually leads them to talk. Evolution has taught men to calm down when faced with anger or emotions, as they had to hunt animals. They learned to suppress their emotions, and over thousands of years, not showing emotions has become almost natural for men. If men do not calm down, their emotions can cause their blood pressure to rise, potentially leading to a heart attack. As a result, men try to avoid situations that arouse them emotionally. Men often prefer to discuss practical solutions rather than their feelings and even when they offer advice, it is to reaffirm her feelings and assuage them.

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