Distinguishing Flickr from Picasa

Flickr and Picasa are among the most popular photo sharing and image hosting websites in the online community today. Both platforms are commonly used by individuals who engage in mobile blogging, particularly when uploading large quantities of pictures from their adventures.

Flickr was originally created by Ludicorp before being acquired by Yahoo. It has become the official image hosting application for mobile devices such as Blackberry and iPhone. Flickr is also home to a wide variety of high-resolution images uploaded by professional photographers. As of September 2010, the platform hosted over 5 billion images.

On the other hand, Picasa was purchased by Google from its original creator, Idealab. It offers multiple ways to upload photos, either through the website after creating an account or by downloading the free Picasa program and installing it on your computer. This allows users to download photos onto their desktop computers for easy sorting and later publishing to Picasa’s servers.

Key Takeaways

  • Flickr is owned by Yahoo and is the official image hosting application for Blackberry and iPhone, while Picasa is owned by Google and offers both a web-based uploader and a desktop program for managing images.
  • Both platforms provide online photo uploaders, but Picasa also includes a software with basic image editing tools such as crop, rotate, and resize. Flickr’s uploader is simpler, only allowing photo uploads to their server.
  • Picasa offers 1GB of storage for free users, while Flickr has no storage limit but imposes a 100MB monthly upload limit.
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