Distinguishing Food Science & Food Technology

Food Science vs Food Technology

When asked about the difference between science and technology, many people may struggle to give a precise answer. Science and technology are often used interchangeably and are closely related. However, the context in which they are used can help differentiate between the two terms. In this article, we will focus on the differences between food science and food technology.

What is Food Science?

Science cannot be easily defined in just one or two words. There are various branches of science, such as biological, physical, and chemical sciences, which can be further divided into several subdivisions. Food science is an applied science that deals with foods and is a combination of all the basic sciences mentioned above. It includes various subject areas, such as food chemistry, food physics, microbiology, preservation, food nutrition, and food analysis. Technology also falls under the umbrella of science since it is the application of scientific knowledge. As a result, we cannot discuss technology without considering science. Those who research food science and innovate new technologies related to foods are called food scientists.

What is Food Technology?

Technology is the result of advanced usage of scientific knowledge and can also be referred to as applied science. As our understanding of science grows, people aim to use this knowledge to derive maximum benefits. The food industry is no exception and continually seeks to apply scientific innovations to improve its processes. Applications or technologies in the food industry can be categorized as food process technology, storage technology, and preservation technology. Food technology encompasses all the technologies used from the point of harvesting crops until the point of consumption. Some examples of food preservation technologies are sterilization, pasteurization, packaging, chilling, freezing, and dehydration. A specific technological application can be called a technique, such as analytical, separation, vacuum packaging, and modified atmospheric techniques.

Key Takeaways

  • Food science is an applied science that deals with foods and is a combination of various branches of science, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Food technology is the result of advanced usage of scientific knowledge and involves the application of scientific innovations in the food industry, such as food processing, storage, and preservation.
  • Food scientists focus on researching and understanding the scientific aspects of foods, while food technologists apply this knowledge to improve the food industry.
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