Distinguishing Gangsters & Mobsters

Gangster vs Mobster

Occasionally, in the media and newspapers, we come across the terms gangster and mobster, which are often used interchangeably to describe outlaws engaging in antisocial activities. A gangster is a member of a gang, while a mobster is a member of the mob. Both gangs and mobs are similar to the mafia, which originated in Sicily, Italy, as an organized crime syndicate. In the early 20th century, these organizations were persecuted in Sicily, causing them to migrate to the United States. Over time, their activities expanded to include extortion, prostitution, gambling, drug and liquor trafficking, among others. Although mobsters and gangsters might appear similar and engage in comparable activities, there are differences between them.

Gangsters are individuals involved in criminal activities in an organized manner. They may be involved in various types of crime, such as bootlegging, racketeering, gambling, drug trafficking, and prostitution. However, they operate as part of a larger group with interests in multiple criminal activities. Gangsters typically lead a poor lifestyle and often find themselves in conflict with authorities.

On the other hand, the term mobster is derived from the word mob and refers to an offshoot of the Italian Mafia in the United States. Consequently, the mob is also known as the American Mafia, and its members are involved in organized crime. The term mob was first associated with crime syndicates in Ireland, where the Irish mob became as notorious as the Sicilian Mafia. Mobsters are secretive, do not have a public identity, and live a lavish lifestyle.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Mafia migrated from Sicily to Chicago due to suppression in their home country. A generation later, the American Mafia emerged as an offshoot of the original organization, and its members became known as mobsters. The term mobster was more commonly used until the 1950s, after which the term gangster became more prevalent. The mobsters were known for charging low interest rates on loans they provided to people, but they could become ruthless when repayments were not made.

The distinction between mobsters and gangsters has blurred over time, and the traditional Sicilian-style mafia is difficult to find nowadays. When people hear the term gangster, they may picture a black American, while an Italian wearing a fedora hat might come to mind when they hear the word mobster. However, these are merely stereotypes, and there are no specific ethnic affiliations associated with these terms in modern times.

Key Takeaways

  • Gangsters are members of a gang and engage in various types of criminal activities as part of a larger group, while mobsters are members of the American Mafia and are involved in organized crime.
  • Gangsters typically live a poor lifestyle and frequently clash with authorities, whereas mobsters are secretive, do not have a public identity, and live a lavish lifestyle.
  • The distinction between mobsters and gangsters has become less clear over time, and traditional Sicilian-style mafia organizations are rare today.
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